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Growing (b)older

| December 15, 2017
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It took me a few minutes to decide the title of this blog.  As I was thinking about a title, it dawned upon me that I have a birthday next month and for many it is known as one of the milestone birthdays.   Those of you who know me, may know the milestone age, but for others you may take your wild and educated guesses.

In my opinion, it does seem like I'm growing bolder as I grow older.  Perhaps that's the way life is.  Bolder comes with confidence.  Confidence comes from familiarity.  Familiarity comes from consistency.  Yes, by God's grace, I've consistently risen from day to day to face the challenges set before me.  And as a result, I'm growing (b)older.

Let's grow (b)older together.  Wishing you many more years.

Your friend, Ken

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